3. May 2016


An idea was born – to launch a handy and free advicer for triathletes, that offers all the dates of the season, contact details for associations, clubs and athletes, highlighting the best products for materials, clothing, nutrition and training and a practical guide through be the triathlon season.

January 2009

The first concrete work on a draft concept and a concept website.

February 2009

Completion of the 18-page master plan, the concept-page goes online. Initial talks with potential partners have been encouraging, cooperation with the Austrian Triathlon Federation is fixed.

March-April 2009

The concept gets well received, more than 45 partners do trust the young and new media, the print product and the site is completed.

May 2009

Launch of triaguide print edition and the website on May 8th 2009. 800 athletes are part of the Launch in Graz. Simultaneous presentation of the first version of

May 2009

First test recording and creation of a trailer for at the IRONMAN 70.3 in St. Pölten. After the launch triaguide was represented first time with a large booth at the EXPOin St. Pölten.

Mai-September 2009

Permanent disposition through our dealer partners and our partner booths at events. The idea to implement this concept in Germany.

September 2009

The overall concept for Germany is completed and held initial discussions with potential partners in Germany.

October 2009

The first documentation of all our activities, our exact scale of distribution and numerous statistics is completed and sent to our partners.

November 2009

Fixing of our distribution partnership in Germany. The best quality resources have been created to handle the distribution of the Germany edition locally.

January 2010

The training portal goes online.

February 2010

In cooperation with the big endurance sports portal “Bike Board” triaguide branded a forum with over 20,000 members online.

May 2010

The print editions for Austria and Germany are launched. At the same time the web portal gets online. The first productions of are filmed and released on a YouTube channel.

Mai-September 2010

Disposition of Austria and Germany issue at partner stores and events.

September 2010

The completely redesigned portal with new software and its own server is at the start. Meanwhile, in 2010, already 15 productions were completed.

October 2010

The so far latest product of the triaguide network, the triaguide eZine gets online with its premiere issue. The response of readers and partners is great and for the 2011 season 4 issues are already fixed. The documentation for the year 2010 gets communicated to all partners.

November 2010

Launch of the B2B website in German and English. Through the ever-increasing number of international interested companies in our media this page is created to give a clearly summary about our media network.

February 2011 contributions produced for the first promotional organizer. A viral video campaign with three fictional characters who want to participate in the “days of the truth” is filmed, edited and marketed. The response to the campaign was not only locally but also regionally great.

April 2011

Around 400 invited guests were in the presence of the two “cover stars” Faris Al Sultan (cover Germany) and Andreas Fuchs (Cover Austria) presented the new annual expenditure of triaguide. With 108 pages, the two issues are extensively than ever before.

June 2011

The first triaguide special issue is brought to market. The “Fan Special” appears to Ironman Austria with a circulation of 10,000 and is completely sold out quickly.

June 2011 first performs video productions for the Austrian Triathlon Federation and its web-TV format “Austriathlon TV.” In 2011 all the state championships were produced and published by

September 2011 gets a new head coach. Mag Thomas Doblhammer cares about the future training portal, which is experiencing a complete turn of the year and some new re-launch, the triathlon sport unprecedented tools is included.

October 2011

The first triaguide license product sees the light of day. In cooperation with the austrian travel provider RUEFA a travel-Special was implemented, which combines the best destinations and deals on triathlon training camp together.

October 2011 first time a DVD onto the market. It has succeeded in bringing the best race of the year, which were produced by to produce a 105-minute film on DVD. The launch was spectacular. After only one month of the first edition was sold out completely.

April 2012

The two annual expenditure issued in Graz (Tage der Wahrheit) and Amberg (Citytriathlon Amberg) for the first time. First time a woman is on the cover of a triaguide annual issue. Yvonne Van Vlerken can be seen on the cover of Germany issue. Dominik Berger laughs from Austria-Cover

July 2012

For the second time the triaguide Fan Special for IRONMAN Austria comes out. In choosing the title picture this time we hit the mark. In his Ironman debut, Franz Höfer, who graced the cover, immediately ranked 4 and was the best Austrian

August 2012

For the 25th anniversary we could produce our Fan Special concept as a licensed product for Podersdorf Austria Triathlon. The feedback was great, and the next year there will be this special again. [Divider]

October 2012

The DVD “Best of 2012” is ready and is very popular. The same launched DVD Doublebox purchased by Triathlon fans very happy. [Divider]

January 2013

After 5 months of intense work, the new web portal triaguide is finished. This portal brings together all of the previous pages by triaguide network. This creates a new giant portal with many advantages for the visitors and partners. [Divider]


Our range includes two yearly issues for Austria and Germany, the printed IRONMAN Austria Fan-Special, the Austria Triathlon Podersdorf-Special and in 2013 and 2014 our DVD production. [Divider]

May 2016

Release of the International Web Portal [Divider]